Sunday, 4 December 2016

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Hi folks!!!

Haven't been here for a few years but still see people visiting it. I've moved on from this one for a number of reasons. I now write two new blogs which I'd love ALL of you to come and have a look at...

The first is: which is less controversial than this one, although called Controversial Christianity and Faith!!!

The next one is called: which is for Christian men who live in the real world, and is less serious than the above one. I put silly things on but also serious stuff on this one. But both blogs are written from a Christian perspective. You've heard the saying 'are you a Christian writer, or a writer who is a Christian?' I'd answer that I am both. I am a practising Christian with a number of issues I struggle with, but I am also an ordinary bloke with my feet very much on the ground. Please come over and take a look at my blogs!!!!

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  1. Dear Tim,
    Yes, I'm keen to read your controversial blogs.
    Welcome back.
    And why not read my blogs too? Your comments are always welcome, and furthermore, edifying.
    God bless.