About Me!

This is a page devoted entirely to me!  It's not about me being egotistical or anything like that, it's just something I've wanted to do for a while now.

Ultimately I am hoping to be a published author and earning my living as a writer; I suppose many people do, after all.  I started this blog on the advice of a friend as a way of keeping my hand in so to speak, and getting used to writing on a daily basis; it was a very good idea I think.

For me, the problem isn't getting ideas, it's often what I should do with the many ideas I get daily.  I have no connections as a writer, I don't have wealth behind me and none of my family are writers either.  I want to be involved in writing all kinds of things, in due time.  I write a lot of Christian-themed articles for blogs, including my own, and I am also planning to write a historical novel; whilst I am doing this, I am 3/4 of the way through a book, a book that I hope will be successful, partly because it is original although it has a Christian theme to it, and partly because it would be nice to see my work in print of course.  As well as this, I often come up with ideas for TV programs, of all kinds, and feel that if I worked in TV or the Media in general, I could make something of these ideas.  I think a number of them could be successful and make money too.  I am also embarking on writing a kid's story book based on tales my dad used to tell me as a kid.  I am also toying with the idea of starting another blog solely about men's issues and particularly Christian men's issues.  It will have serious things, jokey things, things about macho men, things about gentle men, features on famous men of all kinds, things about shaving and beards; all very much a blokey thing!  Hopefully I will get some other writers to contribute to it too, maybe even a woman from time to time!

I've also written two books, one about Christianity and one about living with depression.  The Christian book is yet to be fully written and the depression book needs editing; they were my first attempts at writing full books.  I now feel that I can write whole books from scratch and make them good enough to be published; but I would say that wouldn't I?!

I hope that if you have just come to my blog you enjoy something I've written and if you come regularly I hope you like what I write from time to time.  If anyone wants to contact me with advice, help to kickstart my career, guidance of any kind, or just has something they want to ask me or tell me even, Then leave your contact details, your email address, on a post on my home page and I will endeavour to get back to you.

Finally, I hope that you like this blog!