Saturday, 27 August 2011

From One Degree of Glory to Another

We are always changing; changing the way we look, changing the way we think, changing the things we read about or are interested in; it seems that as humans we are always undergoing some form of change.  Nothing stays the same, and everything it seems is in a state of flux.

Sometimes we say something, or do something or even write something that upsets someone or gets someone’s back up; I can say this about me only too well; I have often at times put my foot in it, or opened my big mouth when I should have kept it firmly shut!  With the best will in the world, and even when we truly had no intention of doing so, we make mistakes, we mess up; to err is human after all; and to forgive?  I think that is truly divine.

One of the major themes of Christianity seems to be that of change; we are all caught in our sin until God in His mercy releases us from these bondages of sin; Paul, the most famous Christian of antiquity is the perfect example of a man caught up in his own zeal, but at least like many people there was a degree of ignorance to his sin.  When God finally caught up with him, Paul underwent a radical transformation; from being a zealous sinner to a genuinely righteous man of God.

As time passes, for most of us, we can reflect on what we were like when we were younger; if you are like me, you probably cringe at some of the things you said or did as a youngster!  On reflection, we most certainly don’t make the same mistakes again; being a Christian is just the same; whatever sinful life you had before, you endeavour wholeheartedly to put it behind you, to put it behind you for good.

So, we are changing all the time, and hopefully for the better!


  1. TC, I look back on the know-all who knew nothing and laugh since the alternative is crying. I always find that the less you think you don't know, the less wisdom you actually have.

    The truly blind are those who fail to recognise just how bad they are.

    And some of the shirts I wore back then, particularly that Hawaiian number - ouch!!

  2. Apologies - I meant ' how blind they are!!'

    Judge not lest ye shall be judged and all that!!

  3. Good point Daz; I agree with you that people who think they know everything, lack wisdom. I find that the more you do know, the more you realise you know so very little; think of all the books you and I will never read, millions of them, covering more topics than we might care to know about!

  4. By the way TC - you got my final vote in the Total Politics blog awards (you can nominate 10 to it's no great thing mate). Hope your name appears on the list somewhere, even if it's down near the bottom.

    Keep up the good work, and god bless

  5. Hi Daz, I've voted for you, for OutspokenRabbit, my no#1 vote. God bless you too!

  6. Nice one TC - if we've got as many votes as I think we might have done then the guys at TotalPolitics might just recognise our existence!!

    You're not really a politics blog, but I had a vote left and thought - hey they deserve it!!

  7. Hi Daz; keep me posted of the results in case I forget!

  8. Very well written! Thanks for this post. I do still cringe at what I say & do now. I try hard but my sin nature gets in the way sometimes. I'm glad the Lord is "perfecting" me daily. God bless!

  9. Why thank you Mara, I'm very flattered because your posts are excellent, well written and a pleasure to read!

    You never know who will read your posts out in cyberspace, but it is always nice when it moves someone in some way.